Claire Saxton of Saxton Marketing Joins Rach in the Badass Bistro Talking All Things Twitter Awards!

If Rach is the Queen of written awards then Claire is most certainly the Queen of Twitter Awards. “Twitter Awards?” you say. YES! Twitter Awards which include #SBS (Small Business Sunday, #WOW (Jacqueline Gold, #QueenOf and #KingOf Award and last but by no means least the #MarketMe Smart Social Award ( Just sit…

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Rach Welcomes Paul Lomas to the Badass Bistro

Rach and Paul go back a loooong way having first met at Loughborough BNI many, many moons ago.  So when, by chance, they met again via mutual business buddies at a ‘do’ (thanks SHB Solicitors and the wonderful Lisa Bacon!) they were soon chatting away and catching up.  Paul mentioned that he was now the…

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Part II with Louise Mercieca. All about #SBS… The Event!

She’s back and spilling all regarding #SBS (Small Business Sunday) and their annual and extremely prestigious invitation only event.  What was it like to be there?  How did Louise feel meeting Theo?  After listening to Louise you’re going to be wondering why you aren’t entering #SBS!  Seriously, check out their website ( and start applying…

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Welcome Back Multi-award Winner Julie Čolan!

Friend of The Awards People, Julie Čolan Founder of Secret Whispers, joined Rach some time ago in the Badass Bistro.  Julie is one of life’s inspirations and rarely have we met a woman with so much passion, determination and energy. This multi-award winning legend joins Rach to tell her how she maximises every opportunity that…

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Something a Little Bit Different!

In our experience one of the things that keeps people from entering (and winning!) awards is the belief that they’re not good enough, not special enough or that they just don’t have the best story to tell.  Here at The Awards People we’ve often asked if those feelings are purely down to a lack of…

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