In our experience one of the things that keeps people from entering (and winning!) awards is the belief that they’re not good enough, not special enough or that they just don’t have the best story to tell.  Here at The Awards People we’ve often asked if those feelings are purely down to a lack of confidence… or is there something else at play?  Now, it’s fair to say that pretty much all of us are affected by confidence or a lack of confidence at a point/points in our lives so what could we do to help?

That’s when we hit on the idea of sharing what we’re doing to develop our own skills, mindset and confidence at The Awards People.  Amongst other things we’ve been taking courses and developing our skills across all aspects of our business but we’ve also rediscovered our passion for reading and are on a one book a week reading schedule.  So far we’ve picked up tips and hints, had numerous ‘ah ha!’ moments as well as read heart-warming and inspiring stories of struggle, redemption, reinvention and accepting/overcoming huge challenges.

Katy Wheatley is a huge supporter of The Awards People and has appeared on our YouTube channel ( and our Vlog on a couple of occasions with her fabulous stylist hat on.  However, what you might not know is that Katy is also an avid reader who regularly shares her thoughts on books on her personal Facebook page.  When she started talking about Caitlin Moran’s latest book ‘More Than a Woman’ Rach was intrigued and then persuaded to pick it up and read it when Katy shared her reaction to the book and one particular part of it in particular.  Having read the book Rach invited Katy to join her on Zoom to discuss it and what it brought up for them both.

Is this about Awards?  Not in the strictest sense, no.  What it is about is developing your mindset, being inspired and remembering that we are so much more that we believe we are on a day-to-day basis.

Rach and Katy are going to be reviewing a book that’s inspired them each month and we’ll be posting the results here.  If you have a favourite book or a book that’s inspired you whether that be a business book or a work of complete fiction let Rach know!  We’re always looking for ideas and the next good read!

P.S. We buy many of our books from The Old Curiosity Bookshop.  Teena posts our across the UK and says she can often beat Amazon prices!  Challenge accepted Teena!  Here’s the link to her independent business: