Tune in to find out what Rach’s top 3 tips are when it comes to entering awards. Award and category decided, what should you do next?

Video Transcription

Morning. Good morning. It’s Rach here, an award-winning award writer with The Awards People. Now, erm, sadly, Rach is on the Sofa of Success on her own today because all her chums have gone on holiday. Er, Pam Marr, Superstar, is floating around somewhere on a beach, and, er, Jacqui Dean, Running Queen, er, ditto. Also having a fabulous time on holiday. So, I’ve been released into the world on my own. It’s just me and Dave Sinclair, Filmmaker Extraordinaire.

So, what happens when we’re left on our own? We got into all sorts of mischief. So, erm, I was thinking about, er, what we could do to say thank you to people who engage with us, to clients who put work through with us, and I came up with this fab idea which I’m gonna do while Pam’s not here, erm, ‘cause Pam really is the brains behind The Awards People. Erm, we’re gonna do a special offer—our special offer, er, for any of our clients that have placed business with us. So, once you’re clients and you’ve placed business with us, if you then recommend The Awards People on to friend, chum, family member, business contact, competitor (probably not), er, supplier, if they then go on to place a piece of business with us, we will write an award entry for our original client, the person who’s referred, for free. It would exclude Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. It will exclude the Honours Listings, er, because they are huge, er, but anything else we will write for free for you.

So, if you’re an existing client who’s paid to use The Awards People’s service and you refer us into, er, another, er, company or to another individual and they place business, we will write for free an awards entry for you. It’s just our way of saying thank you very much for referring in to us. Erm, it’s the way we get an awful lot of our business is through referral or recommendation.

So, what have you got to lose? We have one client who’s only ever paid for one awards entry. The rest of them that we’ve been writing for them have been done for free because they recommend in to their supplier base, their client base, er, their friends and their families. So, do you know somebody who you think should enter an award? If you do, put them in touch with The Awards People. Our contact details will be on the end of the video. Erm, and you never know. We might be ringing you up and saying, “Thank you so much for that referral. They’ve now placed some business with us. We want to write an award for you for free.”

So that’s Rach from The Awards People, going to run very quickly ‘cause when Auntie Pam sees this… But it’s done now. It’s out there. It’s gonna happen. It’s happening right now. Take advantage of it. Raise your profile, enhance your reputation through entering and winning awards.

It’s Rach from The Awards People. I’ll see you next week.