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Do The Awards People work across all industries?

Yes, we certainly do. Our track record has been strong across all sectors, from heavy manufacturing to the arts and everything in between! It’s all about having us tell your story and the principles for that are exactly the same, regardless of what market you serve, products you manufacture or services you actually provide.

I have never entered awards before – does it matter?

No, not at all. Many people make errors in their first applications, only because the process is new to them and there may be a little bit of ambiguity in the questions asked. It’s just like looking back on your CV from the beginning of your working life – are there things you would have changed? – undoubtedly yes, but this comes with experience and the knowledge of what is expected. That is one of the fundamental benefits of having The Awards People on your side; we can cut out the more painful (and time consuming) part of the learning curve and head straight for success.

How long does it take?

In all honesty that totally depends on which awards and category you are entering. When you are working with us you will be simply supplying the information about your activities, successes etc. and letting us work on the editing, format and presentation which tend to be the more time-heavy (and stress-inducing) tasks. Being dab hands at getting the information we need from you – without the use of an interrogation room! – we will make it as short a (whilst pleasurable) process as possible without cutting corners on revealing your greatness.

What if I don’t win anything?

Children are frequently told that it is the taking part that counts. We may all have said that (or been told that) at some point in our lives and viewed it with just a tad of cynicism. The truth is, however, that when it comes to awards, taking part really is important. Sure, it’s great to be heading towards a stage, dressed to the nines, to accept a much-coveted award and that’s always our aim upon your behalf, but being amongst the nominees gets you to the party, ensures your name appears in all the associated publicity and allows you to sit amongst your peers, visibly being very much ‘in the running’. When it comes to highly-respected awards, a nomination is something to be admired outside of your business and be excited and proud about within the business (and that goes for owners and employees).

Isn’t it easier for me to do it myself?

At The Awards People we know that everyone is capable of submitting their own award application. Our service exists because business owners and managers generally already have so many demands upon their time and this means awards get pushed to the bottom of the list and, sadly, closing dates come and go with no submission being made. For many of our clients the task sits somewhere between tax self- assessment and appraisals in terms of ‘enthusiasm to get started’, so having someone there to painlessly take the information from you and present it beautifully is generally very much valued. It’s also true to say that the very British leaning towards modesty makes it so much easier to have someone else declare the wonderful nature and scale of what you have achieved!

What information do you need to write an entry about my business?

Keeping this answer very brief we’d say this – enough information to do you justice and maximise your chances of winning, not so much that we end up hiding your achievements with less-relevant detail. Our experience in this field means that we know what makes the judges take notice and we will guide you towards identifying some great examples of that within your business.

Why should I/we consider entering awards?

There is much more to be gained by award success than personal pride alone. Clients who have experienced award success have seen a marked increase in new business secured and have been able to attribute this to the significant ‘raising of profile’ which can be achieved, even by nomination alone. Less predictably perhaps, they also tend to experience a boost in company morale and motivation as employees feel a greater sense of pride. Seeing your place of work showcased in such a positive light can be a real reminder of the bigger picture, encouraging a stronger ‘buy in’ to the company’s future.

Our message to all is to think of award entry not as an inconvenience, embarrassment or ‘long-shot’ but instead embrace it as a means of proving your greatness, promoting your capabilities and making your employees very happy people!

Still not sure?

If you haven’t found the answers you are searching for on our website, why not give the team a quick call or send us an email and we will happily discuss your requirements in more detail.

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