The Director-e

Period: Current and ongoing


Subject: It’s all about the winning, isn’t it?

Our Task Was

The Director-e is a very young business. In fact when we entered them for their first award they were pre-start up which just goes to show what can be done when there is a very strong, clear message and the ability to articulate it.


The Director-e wanted to raise their profile amongst senior managers, executives and Directors in the East Midlands area initially before launching and moving out across the UK. We suggested that they enter the Institute of Directors (IoD) Director of the Year award… but which category?

Given the underlying reason that Les Phillimore set up The Director-e (his own experience of being made redundant post 40 years of age and his inability, despite numerous attempts and an enviable CV, to find another job at a similar level to the Directorship he previously held) we suggested entering the CSR category. We completed the application form and submitted it.


Les emailed us saying he was thrilled to have been invited for an interview with the judges (step 2) and was then informed that he had made it through to the finals (step 3).


On this occasion it wasn’t to be, but do you know what, Les and The Director-e team used the award submission to their advantage, running it through social media at each stage of the award process and they networked that award room like people possessed! It’s safe to say that many more senior managers, executives and Directors know about The Director-e now than did before.

Mission accomplished!

The Awards People

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