Clifton Packaging Group

Period: Current and ongoing


Subject: Entry into multiple, high profile awards both here in the UK and Internationally

Our Task Was

Already multi-award winners before we got involved, Clifton were finding that as their business was growing, more and more demands were being made on their time. To put it simply, they just didn’t have the same amount of time available to complete the multiple award entries that they wanted to and so they called us in… and boy have they shown us what success looks like!


Sitting with Clifton on a monthly basis we review what we’ve entered and how we’ve done, discuss areas for further improvement and plan forwards. Part of our process is to keep asking questions – What’s happening in the wider business? What new client / contract wins have been gained? Has any new supporting material been created to support new products / services?

We ask these questions to ensure that we aren’t missing anything that could be of use and importance on a new award entry. We also take this monthly meeting opportunity to suggest new categories that are topical and will give Clifton the added advantage of demonstrating other key aspects of their business, for instance sustainability / environment / green awards and categories within acknowledged awards.


Since working with Clifton we have entered them into 36 different awards (very often multiple categories per award) and they have won a staggering 20 awards, been finalists in 21 categories and Highly Commended in a further 3! Here is the (current!) full list.


As Shahid Sheikh, OBE – Clifton’s Managing Director says, “At Clifton Packaging we are very, very innovative. We wanted the world to know what we could do and entering awards was one of the ways we knew we could raise our profile. Over the last few years we’ve seen an incredible triple digit growth in our business. Our reputation and profile have risen incredibly both here in the UK and abroad and I know that in part that will have come from us winning high profile, industry leading awards that are making our peers, competitors and clients talk!”

The Awards People

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